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Establishing an irrevocable funeral trust can help families qualify for Medicaid.

Published: April 10, 2019 by Thomas J. MacKinnon

How Irrevocable Funeral Trusts can be used to help qualify for Medicaid, it is helpful to understand exactly what defines an irrevocable funeral trust. A trust is a legal agreement in which an individual (beneficiary) or (purchaser) this can be the same of different if setting up a trust for someone unable to do themselves, sets aside a certain amount of money for a specific purpose or person. In this case, the purpose of the trust is for funeral costs. In doing so, the money set aside is no longer considered to belong to the individual provided the trust is “irrevocable”.  Irrevocable means the trust cannot be changed, reversed, or dissolved for any reason.


Creating an irrevocable funeral trust allows an applicant to pay in advance for funeral expenses and or items for which they or their family will have to pay for eventually, and by doing so, they reduce their countable assets and can qualify for Medicaid. An irrevocable funeral trust, because it is a trust and irrevocable, is not counted as an asset by Medicaid. Creating an irrevocable trust does not violate the 5 year look back asset transfer rule for Massachusetts and it can be done anytime. For more information contact MacKinnon Funeral Home, 781-447-4141.

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