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Funeral Care Donations

MacKinnon Funeral Home offers a Funeral Care Fund for Donations allowing family, friends and members of the public to make donations to cover funeral expenses and/or to support those left behind.  It is free for people to donate. Our service through our provider retains a 5% of the donated amount to off set costs  (versus 7.9% 30 cents per donation for a GoFundMe campaign. and other like services charge 6.9% 30 cents per donation.

  • Online donations will be accepted directly from within the obituary page.
  • Fund-raising campaigns can be set with a specific target amount or open ended.
  • Fundraising can be used to cover funeral expenses, support the family or both.
  • You can close the campaign when target is reached. If closed no further donations will be allowed.
  • Funds will be directly transferred to the funeral home, and a real-time report of all donations is available.

How Much Does Cremation Cost?  Total price is $ 1,300.00 

For those who qualify. No Assests, Property, Life Insurance, or any other death benefits, and are on Mass Health, Social Security Disability, we can help file with Department of Transitional Assistance for  $ 1,100.00

Final balance if DTA approved full amount would be $ 200.00 to the decedent's relative. 

Under Massachusetts law, the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) will pay up to $1,100 for funeral and burial expenses that do not exceed $1,500. This amount may, however, be reduced by whatever financial resources exist in the estate of the deceased individual. This benefit may be available for people who receive EAEDC, TAFDC, and SSI, disability, and is also available to individuals with Mass Health who have less than $1,500 in assets at the time of death.
Funeral expenses may also be paid where the deceased would have met the qualifications for the above mentioned benefits, but there are not other resources to pay funeral expenses. Expenses include cremation only where the deceased or the deceased’s next of kin stated a preference for cremation.

” NOTE just because the person is on Mass Health does not automatically qualify them for the assistance.
The funeral director is then responsible for billing DTA by providing an invoice that itemizes costs and verifies that the total cost of the funeral did not exceed $3,500. The funeral home may not bill survivors any amount that exceeds the $3,500 limit. Since DTA will only pay $1,100 less any assets available from the decedent or a financially responsible relative., the remaining balance is the responsibility of the deceased’s relative or partner.
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Social Security Benefit
Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) also has a funeral benefit of $255 available to a spouse or dependent children of the deceased, if the deceased was receiving SSDI. You can apply for this benefit at the same time you would apply for survivor's benefits, which are also available for spouses and children of deceased SSDI recipients.
Other Issues

You may also want to have a legal document called a Declaration As To Remains.

This document specifies what you want done after you die in terms of burial and funeral arrangements. A Declaration As To Remains can be quite beneficial, because it allows you to be clear about what your wishes are after your death.

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